If you fall in any of the following categories, you came to the right place!

  • You want your child to know God for themself!

  • Your 1st ministry to your home has taken a backseat to life’s responsibilities!

  • You want to reset your balance and peace as a mom!

  • You want your child to be confident in who they are when they face the world's influences! 

  • You teach your child God's way, but their choices do not line up with your teaching!

  • You know the enemy does not want your child to succeed, but you are determined to show them God's way!

3 ways we empower you to 


 to be confident in who they are in Christ!

Strategy Sessions

Work 1-on-1 with Shannon to develop the gifts in your child to confidently know who they are in Christ! 

  • Tribe of Warriors coaching  program
  • Tween/Teen Mentoring 
  • 1 hour Strategy session

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Make conversations about God's kingdom the norm in your house!

  • Children's Book (ages 3-10)
  • Tween/Teen Book (ages 11-17)
  • Adult Workbook (18+)
  • Our Mobile App 

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Parenting is one of the most challenging ministries. Get some free encouragement!

  • Join our E-family here for encouragement
  • Listen to our KC podcast
  • Follow our Youtube page

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When I was pregnant with my son in 2013 I struggled to find books that empowered me to teach my son God’s promises at his level! It was at this time that God placed a burden on my heart to create practical tools that would empower other parents teach their children God's promises from an early age through adulthood! My philosophy has become ”If my kid can learn radio songs why can’t they learn God’s truth to defeat the enemy’s lies in their lives”? We know that the enemy does not fight fair so it has became critical for me to equip my children with God's truth! God has continued to download books and strategies in my heart for all ages to share with my fellow Kingdom parents and I am so humbled to share them with you!

As time continued, as a mom, I watched my son begin school and struggle with his choices. I knew that he was more capable of what he was doing but his school was not seeing how capable he was in his behavior or choices. It was so frustrating and painful for someone not to see my son as his true self. As, a professional school counselor I watched children of God get in trouble for making bad choices with peers and also struggle internally with their esteem, identity, and applying what they learn about God to their real life. These came at a time when God was downloading a system in my heart and home that I began to implement with my son and in part in my career.  The results were amazing! Within 60 days my son was praying scripture and spontaneously using God's word in conversation and he was receiving positive reports from school. I was also able to see a teen peer group shift from negative reports to getting less tardies, no referrals, and improved teacher-student relationship. How great is our God.

I get the pleasure to be a disciple of Jesus, wife, mom, mentor, and professional school counselor. I'm excited to work with you as we train up our children, and sharpen each other in Jesus name!