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Billionaire Teens Club 

An exclusive FREE mentoring experience for teens to grow their self awareness, accountability, and financial literacy 

for a purpose driven & debt free future!

with Coach Shannon White & Coach Tiona Blyden

Tiona and Shannon lead the Billionaire Bootcamp, an 8 week trading  bootcamp  for adults, but felt this skill would be a life changing experience if it could be taught earlier to teens!

So it is our  mission to empower teens to have :

- A debt free college experience!

- Less hours working at a part time job!

-More free time to pursue their studies!

-More time to be with family!

-Greater self awareness and accountability!

The Billionaire Teens Club sessions run from July 6th- July 29th 

What does my teen gain from Billionaire Teens Club ?

  • Transform their phone into a tool to build their 1st stream of income and financial portfolio ($400 value)
  • LIVE weekly mentorship with 4 & 5 figure traders  ($100 value)
  • Access to networking opportunities in a higher education environment!
  • Increased accountability for growth in self awareness and decision making, 
  • from their coaches & an exclusive cohort of like-minded teens ($50 value)
  • Expand their vision for what is possible for their future 


$100 Gift from Coach Shannon and Coach Tiona to fund each teen's LIVE account!

 Billionaire Teen Club Mentoring Experience - 

(3 quarterly mastermind sessions & monthly mentor check-ins to continue growing skills & connections made during this summer)

One time Investment:

  $650  FREE  

*Your time and commitment is all that is required if you are selected to join this experience*

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