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Time Sensitive: This 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will help you get clear on 3 things every 

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Walk through the exact step-by-step process for how Shannon has balanced her time & emotions to help herself & other Christian moms enjoy the everyday moments & journey of motherhood in greater measures!  

Gain the Clarity, Confidence & Tools To TRANSFORM your Responses,  Focus, and Personal strategy as a MOM!

Meet Your Host Shannon White

Founder of Kingdom Convos: Equipping Christian moms to use their time & emotions to empower their child to know who they are in Christ early, so they won't fall victim to the pressures of the world later.

Motivational Speaker

10 years as Youth Minister for ages 5-35

Founding Member of the Billionaire Boss Society

Fairfax County Public School Student Mentoring Trainer

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 "If you know your child has gifts and talents and you are READY to nurture and welcome those gifts, work with Shannon! She will show you how to be the cheerleader for your child so they can confidently walk in purpose at a young age so they NEVER forget who they are OR who's they are."

- Quinn

wife, mom of 2, transformational speaker & entrepreneur

My experience has been enlightening and rewarding. Shannon is a gifted leader. Whenever I have questions or stumbling blocks she is able to find scriptures or speakers for me to listen to and learn. 


wife, mom of 6, working mom

Hey Sis,

Sis, Can you identify with any of this?

Beautiful family memories, but burnt out mom

Successful career, but sacrificed family time

Having children, but changed identity as a woman

Goals for the family, but not enough time in the day to do them

Faith in God, but  snappy responses to the kids

These are are the secret "beautiful burdens" of many Christian moms!

What would happen if there was a new kind of Christian mom- who balances her faith and her family to authentically enjoy the parts of her life that became “secret burdens”? 

I am here to tell you that it is possible! So let's do this together! 

VALUE: $375

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