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Do you want a personal relationship with Christ for both

You AND Your child

Do you ever worry that after taking your child to church AND youth group,

they could still walk away from God and make bad choices for their life

Want Proven, Easy Tools to to help your child know that God is both

Interesting AND Practical?

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Time Sensitive: This 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will help you get clear on 3 things every 

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Walk through the exact step-by-step process for how Shannon has used her time & emotions to help her son and other children's personal relationship and gifts in Christ mature at an accelerated pace in just a few short years...

All while making positive impact in the teenage lives and families she served.

Gain the Clarity, Confidence & Tools To GROW your Child's Identity, Relationship and Gifts in Christ!

Meet Your Host Shannon White

Founder of Kingdom Convos: Equipping Christian moms to use their time & emotions to empower their child to know who they are in Christ early, so they won't fall victim to the pressures of the world later.

Creator of the MY -T Prayer Package

10 years as Youth Minister for ages 5-35

Fairfax County Public School Student Mentoring Trainer

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 "If you know your child has gifts and talents and you are READY to nurture and welcome those gifts, work with Shannon! She will show you how to be the cheerleader for your child so they can confidently walk in purpose at a young age so they NEVER forget who they are OR who's they are."

- Quinn

wife, mom of 2, transformational speaker & entrepreneur

My experience has been enlightening and rewarding. Shannon is a gifted leader. Whenever I have questions or stumbling blocks she is able to find scriptures or speakers for me to listen to and learn. 


wife, mom of 6, grandmother, school employee

Hey Sis,

Is 2020 the year that you experience accelerated growth on your journey with Christ? But even better, 

what if you & your child grew together?

How beautiful would that be?

7 out of 10 children raised in active Christian homes leave the church after high school so where where is the disconnect?

Many times we see the gifts in our children and learn about how great God is, but at the same time we don't feel equipped to really bring God to our child's level of understanding. Sometimes fear of failure, rejection, busy schedules, and lack strategies or confidence rob us of the amazing experience of growing together with our children in Christ! 

But I am here to tell you that it is possible! So let's do this together! 

The body needs you, but we also need your son or daughter now. God made them great now, so we can't afford to wait until later. They are assigned to minister to somebody in their school, your family, church, and community now. The bible says that our children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior so let's be equipped moms to shoot them out to grow the Kingdom of God now, rather than them waiting until their 20's to learn their identity later after peers and social media has had a good chance to influence them!

VALUE: $375

Join Today for ONLY $10!

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