If you are ready to help your 13-17 year old prepare to face the world

The C.O.L.D. TO H.O.T. LIFE Teen Mentor Prograis for you!!

C.hanging O.ur L.anguage D.ynamics


H.is O.pinion T.owards LIFE!

If you fall into any of the following categories, our program is for you:

Your child goes to church, but struggles to apply the principles in their life 

You want your teen to know God on a 1st name basis, and not through you 

You see a gap between what you've taught your teen and their choices

You are unsure of how to reach your teen with God's word/truth

You feel frustrated in this season of parenting, but know God has good plans for your teen

You teen seems frustrated or annoyed with doing church or following rules

All participants in the mentoring cohort must be between the ages of 13-17 and willing to participate *

If you are interested in our 6 month mentoring program where your teen receives weekly strategies and accountability and you receive parent support from Shannon and access to our parent forum, please share your interest on our parent link: