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Shannon White, Kingdom Convos CEO & Founder

Shannon White is a woman just like many of us but she is on a mission to create Kingdom Conversations that lead to impactful change within ourselves, families, and communities. Shannon has a bachelor's degree in psychology with a masters degree in counseling ,specializing in K-12.. During her time as a counselor and youth minister of 10 years God revealed that while many adults want to pour into our young people there was a disconnect happening in that many young people weren't getting as connected to God as they could. Then the reason was revealed - they weren't seeing the fruit (spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) that would make God appealing!

They saw parents knowing God but didn't know how to get God on their level!

They saw parents who love God but were also inconsistent with their emotions!

They saw spiritually wealthy parents who were also struggling financially!

So many parents knew what they wanted to see, for their family but just didn't know how to help their child get there beyond youth group!

Thus Kingdom Convos was birthed- a place where moms and millennials can have needed, candid conversations but then level up to take the actions needed  to leave a legacy of faith and generational wealth for those coming behind us!

Join Shannon on this journey of  advancing God's kingdom so our Kids get to know God for themselves!

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