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You have consistently seen profit in 80% of your trades and are ready to go LIVE!

Here are several options for how to fund your live account!

Take a look!

Step 1: Create your funding account to put money into your Hugos's way account


Create a vload account

Cash App

Create a cashapp account

Important information:

  • When going live with your bank may reject the initial charges and you may have to notify them that you are initiating this request.
  • For creating your account you will need to take photos of your ID (front and bank) as well as either a bank/credit card and/or card authorization form.
  • You will receive an email once everything is verified. If you don't receive an email within an hour check your account -under my documents- to see the status.

Step 2: Create a LIVE account in Hugo's way

 - Go to Hugo's way

- Click My accounts

-Click Create Account

- Choose the ECN Account option. An ECN is the same as a live account

-Choose USD & 500:1 as your leverage

Step 3: Activate your LIVE account in Metatrader4 (MT4) App

(Once you create your ECN account you will get an email from Hugo'sway saying "New MT4 Account created!".  It will give you all of the information needed to connect your MT4 app & Hugosway account (the Server Name:HugosWay- Real3 , Account No:, &Trader Password).


Go to your Metatrader 4 App to activate your LIVE account

- Go to settings

-Click New Account

- Click login to an existing account

-Pulldown the screen to type in Hugosway-Real3 (click it)

-Type in the information from your Hugo'sway confirmation email

(Login= your account number ; password= your traderpassword; make sure save password is activated)


Step 4: Deposit your money from Vload or Cashapp into your Hugosway account

-Log into your Hugosway account & click deposit funds

-Chose US wallet

-Select Vload as your type of deposit (or bitcoin if you chose Cashapp)

-Type in the amount you want to deposit & click proceed to payments page

-Type in your voucher number (you find this number in your Vload account under the My Vouchers tab

Step 5: Transfer money into your LIVE MT4 account

-In Hugos way, Click Internal Transfer

-Select Wallet to MT4

-Select USD Wallet (you should see the amount of money you deposited present)

-Select the MT4 ECN account your created

-Type in the amount you want to transfer and click request transfer

*Within 5 minutes you should see the funds in your MT4 app under the history tab*

Blessings to your trading!

*Always remember proper risk management & strategy when trading *

If you still have questions that weren't answered feel free to reach out for help!

We are in this together!