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Benefits of Billionaire Teens Club Partnership

Mentoring that builds Self awareness, Accountability, and Positive risk taking for your students!

While educators have a heart for students, as a counselor of 8 years I know that many students are not reaching their potential because their brains are so focused on achieving lower levels of need.

Schools have amazing, supportive adults but -with testing, deadlines, curriculums, and overcrowded classrooms-  lack the manpower and extra time that some teens need to reach their next level of greatness.


While schools support educational, physiological and safety needs, The BTC intentionally builds a students' next 2 levels: 

• Belonging

(through experiencing the rewards of positive risk taking in a  safe teen cohort and coaching experience)

• Esteem

(through achievement and reflection in group sessions)

2021-2022 Billionaire Teens Club Timeline

Below are official  LIVE meeting sessions, with bi-weekly virtual mentoring between sessions

• Session 1 (July 2-29, 2021): Launch

Meeting twice a week in a teen cohort to build rapport & positive risk taking  skills (through investing)

• Session 2 (October 2021): Network

Interactive college tour and networking session

• Session 3 (January 2022): Vision

Strength awareness & accountability session

• Session (April 2022) : Exposure

Exposure to new environment & experiences session


We believe in a R.E.A.D. approach to empowering teens


Provide access to positive resources to help students see the power they have now to create their future.


Allow students to meet quarterly-in person, and monthly virtually, to continue building their skills of self awareness, advocacy, trading, and networking throughout the 2021-2022 school year.


Allow students to receive ongoing group mentorship from the CEO of the Billionaire Teens Club as they build their socio-emotional & financial skills.


Encourage students to launch this group mentoring experience through meeting twice a week for 4 weeks in July for an intensive, hands-on, engaging introduction to the Billionaire Teens Club experience. 

High School Responsibility

  • ​Your school enrolls 10-20 students that will commit to meeting at your school twice a week during the 4 week summer session in July and continue an ongoing group mentoring relationship for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Your school ensures families are aware of time and transportation commitments of the B.T.C. experience (4 weeks in the summer and 3 quarterly in-person sessions throughout the school year)

BTC team Responsibility

  • The Billionaire Teens Club team uses 4 weeks to teach your students investing and building rapport.
  • The Billionaire Teens Club team offers ongoing group mentorship for building self awareness, strength building, and accountability.
  • The Billionaire Teens Club team presents 3 quarterly weekend mastermind sessions to build self awareness, financial literacy, and positive risk taking.

I would like to explore an opportunity for my school to partner with the Billionaire Teens Club

About the Billionaire Teen Club CEOs

Shannon White and Tiona Blyden began leading a team to learn trading in the foreign exchange market. However, after consistently pouring into over 75 adults it became clear that mastering the skill of trading was a skill that could lead to changes for so many families! While learning the skills needed to be a successful investor as an adult was great, Shannon and Tiona could not help but think of how it would have been so beneficial to learn such skills as a teenager.  There lives would've been so much different so they began to shift their focus to teens- teens that want to grow into their future, that may be intimidated by college due to finances, that want to grow in their confidence, or simply that need to break cycles of  living paycheck to paycheck in their family.

As a mothers and women sent to serve families (Shannon as a school counselor of 8 years and Tiona as a women's leadership coach), Tiona and Shannon are now on a mission to empower teens with the same life skills that has allowed them to bring 4 & 5 figures into their home in just 1 week. Their philosophy is if teens can quickly learn how to navigate technology on their devices and how to master social media challenges, they can also learn  financial literacy, accountability, and networking skills that jumpstart their future!

We are excited to partner with your school to empower your students!