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Transform your time & emotions into tools for your child to know God for themself!

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 *About 4 out of 6 of high school students who enter college as professing Christians will leave with little to no faith*

Moms know how crazy our schedules get, but we also know how important it is to for our kids 

to personally know Christ on their level!

It can be easy to let the day slip by without even mentioning God, beyond dinner & bedtime prayers, but if there was an easier way to manage your time & emotions so that you could be confident that your child knew God for themself would you do it?  

It's time to transform our plan for balancing faith and family!

Change your life with 3 keys for moms to balance their faith & family so your child connects with God 

in a way that lasts a lifetime!

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Shannon is a breath of fresh air! As soon as she opens her mouth the passion she has to train children to know who they are in Christ is evident. Her personal story of affirming her son is impressive and inspiring! If you know your child has gifts and talents and you are READY to nurture and welcome those gifts, work with Shannon! She will show you how to be the cheerleader for your child so they can confidently walk in purpose at a young age so they NEVER forget who they are OR who's they are.

-Quinn Conyers 

Speaking Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Mom

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Speaking in front of a group of Christian entrepreneurs

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