God has laid a very simple, but impactful prayer initiative called "WE ARE HERE" on Shannon's heart to take back God's authority in our schools and neighborhoods through the declaration of God’s word and prayer once a month in our schools and neighborhoods! We know that 1 can put 1000 to flight and 2 can put 10,000 to flight so imagine the miracles, signs, and wonders our children & communities will see when we connect in our different neighborhoods to cover our children! 

Prayer is the most underestimated weapon we have, so let’s tap in together!

During this school year, each month everyone participating will cover our neighborhoods and schools with this framework:

1st mondays- (Educators):

10 minutes before the school day starts, educators connect with a fellow believers in your building to pray & declare God's word over the atmosphere in a private room or office (Educators include k-12, preschool, daycare, college, custodians, transportation, coaches, PTA, etc.)

2nd mondays- (Children):

Anytime during the day, children connect with a sibling, peer, or neighbor to pray & declare God's word over themselves, their friends or classmates

3rd mondays- (Parents & Family):

Anytime during the day, community members connect with fellow believers to pray & declare God's word over their neighborhood 

(Community members include parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, neighbors, etc.)

There are no tricks or funny business! This is what Kingdom Convos is all about- To simply make our God known to this next generation of believers whose beliefs and purposes the enemy is trying to abort!

Below is the link for the 3 ways you can connect to the WE ARE HERE initiative!

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